Khanyi Mbau remains unbothered by skin lightening comments

Media personality, Khanyi Mbau, has taken to social media to shrug off skin lightening comments made about her, adding that people’s opinions on the matter mean nothing to her.

Khanyi Mbau commanded the respect of Twitter users on Thursday, 27 June 2019, after the unapologetic manner in which she handled herself when users tried to shame her for skin lightening and the many cosmetic procedures she has undergone. However, the multi-talented personality was unapologetic, even taking a dig at herself too.

This follows an earlier discussion on colourism sparked by remarks made towards Pearl Thusi and Sho Madjozi, by a follower who implied that the two personalities’ success can be attributed to their fair complexion, rather than their talents or hard work. During the heated debate, fans suggested that is why people who are dark in complexion have an inferiority complex, therefore undergoing drastic changes like skin bleaching in order to accrue success.

Fans then used pictures that Khanyi Mbau had posted on her social media pages on Wednesday, 26 June 2019, of an impromptu photoshoot to prove their point. The last three images feature an outside shoot with the star wearing a tan outfit posing in front of a yellow Porsche.

However, Khanyi Mbau did not take lightly to the insinuation that she was unhappy with who she was, suggesting that as a reason for her bleached and cosmetically modified body. Confronting the naysayers directly, the star wrote, “type in Khanyi Mbau on google search, go far back as 2005 and see how your opinions mean nothing to me from when I dated your fathers, and taught you botox and that men must buy woman cars…”

The star went on to conclude, “I AM STILL THE KHANYI YOU LOVE TO HATE! I am still going to give you reasons to have constipation…[You all] forget that we are in this together! You gave me this fame!”

Khanyi Mbau’s unapologetic responses drew favourable and celebratory replies from fans and popular media personalities like DJ Fresh, Reason, Rouge and Samkelo Ndlovu.

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