Khanyi Mbau weighs in on the colourism debate, sees herself as a global citizen

Media personality, Khanyi Mbau, weighed in on the colourism debate during her recent eNCA interview, defending media personality and actress, Pearl Thusi’s Twitter remarks on the matter.

On Saturday, 29 June 2019, news channel eNCA posted an interview with South African media personality and actress, Khanyi Mbau, where the star spoke about the struggles of being in the entertainment industry. The interview tackled Khanyi Mbau’s skin lightening, Pearl Thusi’s remarks on colourism, as well as the pressures of having to maintain a certain image  due to the competitive nature of the industry.

The first part of the interview tackled Khanyi Mbau’s decision to lighten her skin. The Red Room actress responded by stating that lightening her skin was a decision she took to make the logistics of being on set easier, by spending less time on the makeup chair. Khanyi Mbau detailed one of her reasons as, “It’s what I preferred, and I realised that once my skin is fairer, I have to use less makeup… So for me that was a maintenance issue that I wanted to do”.

When the interview moved onto Pearl Thusi and her controversial tweets on colourism, the star defended the media personality and actress. Khanyi Mbau explained that the reasons why Pearl Thusi made the remarks was because she wanted to play more substantial roles, other than just the love interest and the “pretty” woman. Although Pearl Thusi has played those roles in the past, she has also played a couple of “substantial” roles, appearing as a lawyer on Isidingo, a new CIA recruit on Quantico and her upcoming Neflix lead role on Queen Sono.

The last segment of the interview tackled the pressures of being a role model as a public figure, and the influence that the actions of famous people have on impressionable young people. The star was emphatic in explaining that celebrities are human too and that fans need to choose carefully who they look up to.

The sit-down interview has amassed over 34 000 views on YouTube since it was posted.

Watch Khanyi Mbau’s eNCA interview below.

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