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Khanyisa Titus details her time on Our Perfect Wedding

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Khanyisa Titus, host of Mzansi Magic’s Our Perfect Wedding, spoke to JustNje about her new role on the popular reality show, further discussing the impact of the national lockdown on production.

Khanyisa Titus joined the long-running Mzansi Magic show, Our Perfect Wedding (OPW), in April 2020, and gained instant approval from viewers. With the nationwide lockdown resulting in many weddings being postponed, the series has had limited content for the current season. In an interview with JustNje on Friday, 19 June 2020, Khanyisa Titus detailed her new role and the future of the show.

What has it been like being part of such a long-running and iconic show?

Being part of OPW has truly been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I have enjoyed the fact that I get to meet new people, hear different love stories, travel and immerse myself in unfamiliar spaces, and just interact with new faces. I think this is the one job that has allowed me to really show who I am as a person and I am glad that viewers have really accepted me because on reality TV, you cannot pretend to be anyone else but yourself. Your personality needs to shine through at all times. I really am in my element on this show and I am grateful for this amazing opportunity and platform.

The public is evidently enjoying having you as the new host, how do you feel about the reaction?

Indeed, I’ve had a wide pool of people reaching out, engaging and interacting with me. It’s been really great and all very heart-warming. I truly appreciate all the love, support and words of encouragement since my debut. With it being my first time on national TV and my first time presenting, the cherry on top has been the love I’ve gotten from so many people in and out of South Africa. I never imagined that I would be so well-received, especially stepping into a show with so many big shoes to fill. I continue to take some of the criticism as constructive criticism, but I didn’t, and still don’t, take anything negative to heart because there has just been so much love outshining the bad.

How has the lockdown affected the filming process?

All of my episodes that have aired and that the viewers have watched were all pre-recorded episodes which were filmed before the national lockdown was scheduled. I will resume filming once large gatherings, including weddings, are permitted – all at our government’s sole discretion.

How do you see future episodes being carried out,  post COVID-19?

I really cannot say, but either way, we will have to obey what the president and the government see fit going forward, particularly where large gatherings are concerned. That is what will determine any possibility of filming any weddings post COVID-19.

What would you like to say to bridal couples who have been forced to postpone their weddings this year?

I’d like to say to all brides and grooms that they should not be discouraged because a postponement is not a cancellation. Yes, it must be frustrating – especially where dates were set and invites sent out. Perhaps that particular date could even have been engraved in some of the décor items, which could be considered as a “disaster,” but I think by now everyone understands the nature of this current pandemic and the disturbance it has caused in every kind of event and large gathering. So, please trust that this too shall pass and when the time is right, you will be able to have the wedding of your dreams.

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