Khuli Chana spares no cost on Lamiez Holworthy’s surprise birthday celebration

Khuli Chana did not spare any costs when he pulled out all the stops to surprise his wife, Lamiez Holworthy, with 29 gifts for her twenty-ninth birthday celebration.

Lamiez Holoworthy took to Instagram on Saturday, 12 June 2021, to detail how her husband, Khuli Chana, surprised her for her twenty-ninth birthday. Holworthy and Chana have, for the past three years since making their relationship public, shared how the other continues to up the ante when it is the other’s birthday.

Holworthy had surprised her husband with a new Jeep and a trip to a secret location on his birthday. She, on the other hand, was chauffeured to her celebration after her radio stint. She was then surprised with 29 gifts to mark her twenty-ninth year in the world. Included in the gifts was a surprise trip to her all-time favorite travel destination, which she did not reveal.

Thereafter, Holworthy enjoyed the rest of her birthday with a party with all of her close friends and family members present. Despite having deejaying obligations the day after, Holworthy partied so much that she spent Sunday, 13 June 2021, detailing how hung over she was, as Chana travelled with her to Uitenhage for her next deejaying gig.

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