Kim Jayde and Zaid Osman reveal how to spot fake sneakers

Kim Jayde welcomed sneaker fanatic, Zaid Osman, to her online show, Kickin’ It With Kim Jayde, where they discussed what to look out for when purchasing authentic shoes.

Kim Jayde shared a YouTube video on Sunday, 1 November 2020, which marked the latest episode of her web series, Kickin’ It With Kim Jayde. The media personality was joined by notable sneaker collector and founder of Sneaker Exchange, Zaid Osman, who showed her what parts of a shoe buyers should pay attention to to avoid purchasing a fake.

Starting with the exterior of the sneaker, Zaid explained that buyers should look out for the inside tags of the shoe, as well as the manufacturing date on the box. He also explained that there are now digital apps and service providers who authenticate sneakers, allowing buyers to make sure that their items are real. Kim also added that the public should be aware that some celebrities are also guilty of wearing fake shoes and sneakers, and it is important that as an individual, you are aware of the credibility of the place you purchase your sneakers from.

Watch the video below.