Kim Jayde discusses her love for sneakers with Uncle Vinny

The season premiere of Kim Jayde’s online series, Kickin’ It With Kim Jayde, saw her being joined by her first guest, Uncle Vinny, who expressed equal love for sneakers.

Kim Jayde premiered her self-funded online series, Kickin’ It With Kim Jayde, on Sunday, 25 October 2020, where she was joined by her first guest, musician, Uncle Vinny. The two media personalities discussed a variety of topics during the first episode, however, they focused mainly on their love for different types of sneakers and brands.

The pair explained that choosing a sneaker does not necessarily have to do with the price, but rather, should be about the look and comfort. Uncle Vinny said that his dream is to purchase the Yeezy sneaker by the end of 2020, as he normally goes for Puma or Adidas. They also explained that good quality shoes can protect the feet from the weather, as one is often able to determine how practical the sneaker is based on the impact of the temperature whilst wearing them.

Watch the video below.