Kitchen Nightmares: All the restaurants still open in 2022

Out of the 77 restaurants profiled by the series, Kitchen Nightmares, only 16 restaurants remain open to date; below we will list the 16 restaurants that were successful. 

Kitchen Nightmares was the reality show fronted by Gordon Ramsay which focused on helping restaurateurs improve their struggling businesses. Having first aired on the FOX Network in 2007, the series ended in 2014.

The intention of the series might have been to help turn around poorly performing restaurants, but it was not achieved by the final result of the series, considering that from the estimated 77 restaurants that were profiled throughout its seasons, only 16 restaurants are still open in 2022.

What was Kitchen Nightmares?

Gordon Ramsay was the host and executive producer of the popular FOX Network show, Kitchen Nightmares.

The premise of the restaurateur-centred reality show was, “Gordon Ramsay visits struggling restaurants across America and spends one week trying to help them become successful.”

However, the premise might suggest that the problems faced in the various restaurants were a consequence of the quality of the food or service, whereas in most of the episodes, the restaurants were actually performing badly primarily due to interpersonal conflict between the owners, or the owners and the staff.

As a result, the underlying issues would arise again after Ramsay’s visit, resulting in a return to default settings.

Kitchen Nightmares: All the restaurants still open in 2022

Kitchen Nightmares had a total of seven seasons between 2007 and 2014, when Gordon Ramsay decided to end the series. Ramsay’s decision to end the series was as a result of the backlash he received from television insiders and fans, after most of the restaurants closed down following their appearance on the series.

To put it into perspective, there were over 77 restaurants that were part of the seven seasons, and only a recorded 16 restaurants are still open in 2022. This means that the series had a success rate of 22 percent.

The most successful season from the entire series was season six. This is because out of the 13 restaurants that were profiled in the season, a total of three of the restaurants remained open to date.

That means that season six had a 38 percent success rate. Below we give a list of all the restaurants that are still open in 2022.

Restaurant Season featured
The Olde Stone Mill Season 1
Le Bistro Season 3
Spanish Pavillion Season 4
Oceana Season 4
Spin-A-Yarn Season 4
The Greek at the Harbor Season 4
Leone’s Season 5
Luigi’s D’Italia Season 5
Park’s Edge Season 5
Cafe Hon Season 5
Mama Maria’s Season 6
Ms Jean’s Southern Cuisine Season 6
Olde Hitching Post Season 6
Yanni’s Season 6
Pantaleone’s Season 7
Zayna Flaming Grill Season 7

Which season of Kitchen Nightmares had the worst performance?

From the seven seasons of Kitchen Nightmares, the worst performing season, in terms of the number of restaurants that have closed following Gordon Ramsay and his team’s visit, is season two.

Season two, which aired in 2008, profiled 11 restaurants. Of the 11, all have since closed in the years after Ramsay’s visits. This includes restaurants like Black Pearl, Guiseppe’s, Handlebar and Jack’s Waterfront.

Season one becomes the second worst performing season with only one of the 10 profiled restaurants, namely: The Olde Stone Mill, still being operational in 2022.

Will Kitchen Nightmares return?

A few years after he decided to cancel Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay reflected on the decision and articulated that he believed he made an impulsive decision in light of the backlash.

However, in the time away from shooting the show, he recognised that the restaurants would close inevitably as most were entrenched in interpersonal conflicts.

Because these issues were interpersonal rather than logistical, the restaurants would revert back to their original form, and subsequently close, if the people did not work on their issues.

Even after this realisation, it seems that Kitchen Nightmares will return as Ramsay works on new original shows like Next Level Chef.

How to watch and stream Kitchen Nightmares?

Final thoughts

Kitchen Nightmares as a reality show did provide ample quality viewing, with the show also receiving an Emmy nod from its seven-season run between 2007 and 2014.

However, it can be argued that for a vehicle aimed at turning around badly performing restaurants, it failed dismally.

This is deduced by the fact that the show had a success rate of 22 percent, measured by the number of restaurants that have since remained open since Ramsay and his team intervened.

This means that out of the estimated 77 restaurants featured on the series, there are 16 restaurants that are still open and operational in 2022.