Kitchen Nightmares: Amy’s Baking Company Now

The infamous Amy’s Baking Company from Kitchen Nightmares has closed down and the owners have since left the country.

Kitchen Nightmares episodes usually have a lot of drama, but the “Amy’s Baking Company” overwhelmed Chef Gordon Ramsay so much that he even walked out.

Even after this original episode and ‘Return’ episode aired, little changed at the restaurant until Amy’s Baking Company finally closed down in 2014. Amy and Samy now live in Israel.

About the “Amy’s Baking Company” Kitchen Nightmares episode

Most fans who watch Kitchen Nightmares know to expect a fair share of disorganized business owners and staff, and even some of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s signature tough love.

However, the episode in the sixth season of the show in which Ramsay visits Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona has earned a reputation for being one of the most dramatic in the show’s history.

In fact, the camera crew reportedly had to intervene in a fist fight between Samy Bouzaglo (the owner) and a customer before Ramsay could even get a foot in the door. What’s worse – the fighting and bickering definitely did not end there.

Kitchen Nightmares: Amy’s Baking Company Now

The success rate of the restaurants that have approached Ramsay for help on Kitchen Nightmares has always been a contentious topic.

But when it comes to Amy’s Baking Company, Ramsay never even had the chance to try and intervene and save the business.

The “Amy’s Baking Company” episode has become infamous for many reasons, but between the owners’ fighting with customers (and “trolls” online), mistreating their staff and refusing to take any of Ramsay’s criticism, the episode quickly became known as one of Ramsay’s biggest failures.

He he walked out before any of his suggestions and changes could even be implemented or the restaurant re-launched.

This episode of Kitchen Nightmares was filmed all the way back in 2013, but it did not take long for video clips, images and memes of the Amy’s Baking Company owners Amy and Samy to start circulating on the internet.

Unfortunately, the “Return to Amy’s Baking Company” episode did reveal that not much had changed at the business since this episode aired.

In fact, quite the opposite was true, as the owners had doubled-down on their internet responses, had even created branded shirts with quotes from the episode and maintained that they were falsely portrayed on the show.

The original Amy’s Baking Company closed down in 2015, and the couple moved to California, where they, in Amy’s own words, could “focus on several other projects.”

Whatever the real reason behind the restaurant’s closure, it was also revealed that they had actually been fighting Samy’s immigration case since 2008 (as he reportedly had multiple criminal charges).

By 2018, the couple had officially relocated to Israel, where they still reside currently.

Why did Amy’s Baking Company close down?

The official reason that the Bouzaglos gave for Amy’s Baking Company closing was that they had experienced issues with their landlord.

However, the restaurant’s reviews fell even further after this Kitchen Nightmares episode aired. Moreover, even though Amy insisted that they remained busy as ever, it is more likely that the business was just not making enough money.

After Amy’s Baking Company moved out of the building, several other businesses moved in, including an Aikido martial arts studio and children’s art center.

Are Amy and Samy still together?

Amy and Samy are certainly a volatile match, but although some recent reports suggested that the couple has split up, nothing has been confirmed and there is no evidence that their marriage has ended.

Neither Samy nor Amy have posted anything about a separation or divorce on their social media pages, and it seems unlikely that they would keep such big news off of social media , given their history of explosive content.

Is Amy still baking?

The original Amy’s Baking Company location may no longer be open, but Amy is still sharing her love of baking with her thousands of followers on social media.

Amy regularly posts photos and videos of the scrumptious-looking bakes that she creates on her Instagram page. The most recent being a video of a key lime pie, which she posted only two weeks ago.

The Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique + Bistro Facebook page is less active than it used to be (most likely because the Kitchen Nightmares buzz has died down by now).

But the most recent post from January 22, which reads “Get a life the internet is full of nasty trolls!” suggests that the Bouzaglos are still most likely running the account (and have not learned their lesson about responding to haters online).