Kitchen Nightmares: Kevin from Mangia Mangia and his fate

Kitchen Nightmares: Kevin from Mangia Mnagia’s fate is unknown as he has all but disappeared from social media with no way to tell what he is doing now.

Kitchen Nightmares is the once successful culinary reality-format show that was fronted and executively produced by Gordon Ramsay for FOX. The series had a successful seven-season run between 2007 and 2014 before it concluded.

One of the most memorable episodes of the show’s last season was the two-part special centred around the Italian restaurant, Mangia Mangia.

One of the most memorable characters from the episode was Kevin, who was one of the chefs in the restaurant. But Kevin’s fate after the restaurant closed is unknown, as he has all but disappeared from social media.

Is anything staged on Kitchen Nightmares?

Kitchen Nightmares faced allegations of being staged from the first season of the show, but the team behind the show denied this explicitly every time the matter was brought into the fore.

As such, one of the first times that the show was accused of being staged was in 2007 when Martin Hyde, who was a sales agent for a restaurant that Ramsay suggested sold rotten burgers, sued Ramsay and the show for allegedly fabricating allegations.

At the time, Ramsay’s representatives commented on the issue, stating, “It is a reality show and as far as I know it’s not something they do.”

Kitchen Nightmares: Kevin from Mangia Mangia and his fate

Mangia Mangia, an Italian restaurant in Woodland Park, Colorado, was at the centre of the two-part episode special for the seventh and final season of Kitchen Nightmares.

The episodes aired from April 2014. The restaurant, owned by former realtor, Julie, was converted from what was once a drive-thru fast-food outlet into an Italian fine-dining experience.

However, Julie was considered the biggest problem with the restaurant, as she did not listen to anyone and was rude to her staff and customers.

Another big problem with the restaurant was its head chef, Trevor, who worked in the kitchen with his fellow chef, Kevin.

Trevor was not only explosive and confrontational, sometimes walking out while serving, but he was always high, and he admitted to having a substance abuse issue which resulted in his dismissal during the shooting of the episode.

Kevin, on the other hand, captured the fascination of fans as he had boyish good looks and for most of the two-part special, he played it under the radar.

Therefore, when Mangia Mangia eventually closed just months after the episodes aired, viewers wondered what happened to Kevin after the closure.

But finding out what happened to Kevin has proven tricky. This is as he does not have any traceable social media handles or accounts that one can follow to find out what happened to him. Thus, Kevin’s fate after the closure of Mangia Mangia is unknown.

Why did Mangia Mangia close?

Mangia Mangia closed officially in November 2014, which was just a few months after their feature episode aired and just under a year after the episode was shot.

The closure is attributed to the restaurant’s attempt to create a hybrid menu by reintroducing some of its popular microwaved frozen food items with the new items that Gordon Ramsay introduced, which were cooked from scratch by hand.

The reviews were polarised, with Yelp rating the restaurant a 3 out of 5. Moreover, the closure was also attributed to Julie’s behaviour towards customers and staff, as it did not change after the show.

What happened to Julie?

Julie Watson was the owner of the Italian restaurant, Mangia Mangia, which closed down in November 2014. Following the closure of the restaurant, it is believed that Julie returned to her former profession as a real estate agent.

This is based on the information on her LinkedIn, which does not allude to Julie returning to any form of culinary-related work after she could not keep her restaurant open.

What happened to Trevor after Kitchen Nightmares?

Trevor captured the hearts of fans when he revealed that he had a substance abuse issue, which resulted in Julie deciding to dismiss him.

Thereafter, not much was known about Trevor’s wellbeing until his father took to Facebook to share an update about his son. He confirmed that after his dismissal, Trevor entered rehabilitation.

Trevor’s father further explained that, “He is now 9 months clean and sober. He is in the process of choosing a culinary school to enrol in.”