Kitchen Nightmares: Trobiano’s update

Kitchen Nightmares’ Trobiano’s closed a month after its episode aired, but unlike most of the other restaurant closures, Trobiano’s allegedly closed because of unpaid taxes.

Kitchen Nightmares is the third culinary reality show released from the collaboration of Gordon Ramsay and Fox. Introduced in 2007, fans of the series were spoiled to seven seasons before the plug was pulled on the popular show.

One of the most memorable episodes was season two, episode four titled Trobiano’s. This is the name of the Italian restaurant that Gordon Ramsay visited.

Despite turning the business around and providing a happy and surprising ending to the episode, the restaurant was allegedly closed a month after the episode aired due to unpaid taxes and not because of Ramsay’s intervention.

Was Kitchen Nightmares successful?

Kitchen Nightmares was introduced in 2007 by Fox, and it was premised, “Gordon Ramsay visits struggling restaurants across America and spends one week trying to help them become successful.”

There were high hopes that his interventions would provide the failing restaurants with longevity. But this did not happen as most restaurants reverted to their old habits after his intervention.

But it was Ramsay that was ridiculed as suggestions were made that he did not care about saving the restaurants, but was instead exploiting them for ratings and drama.

Currently, in 2022, only 16 of the 77 restaurants featured are still open.

Kitchen Nightmares: Trobiano’s update

Kitchen Nightmares’ Trobiano’s episode aired in September 2008. The episode featured Anthony Trobiano, the owner of the Italian restaurant, which was located in Great Neck, New York.

Anthony owned the restaurant with Pat and Joe, his then girlfriend’s parents. His girlfriend, Tiffany Notarnicola, invested into the restaurant and was $500 000 in debt due to attempting to save the restaurant.

When Ramsay arrived, the restaurant had been operational for three years. It was popular when it first started, but the quality and standard declined as the restaurant could not meet the demand and there were other Italian restaurants in the area.

The biggest problem with the restaurant was the arrogance of head chef and owner, Anthony. Anthony attended culinary school and, as such, believed that he was fit to run the kitchen.

But he would not taste the food before it went out to the customers, resulting in inconsistent food. Moreover, the overall state of the kitchen was hazardous as Anthony did not clean it and did not ensure that his staff did either.

One of the ways that Anthony tried to garner more business was by introducing an early bird lunch special.

But it turned out that the early bird special was detrimental, as Anthony prepared portions that were too much, so no one came to the restaurant for the dinner service, since most customers took their leftovers to have at home.

Following Ramsay’s intervention, the business closed down a month after the airing of the episode, but it was not because of Ramsay or the show’s doing. Trobiano’s allegedly closed due to unpaid taxes.

Where to watch Kitchen Nightmares?

The origin of Trobiano’s speculated reason for closure

Unlike some restaurant owners who have been on Kitchen Nightmares who shared official word when their restaurants closed after being on the show, Trobiano’s did not.

Moreover, some featured restaurant owners whose restaurants closed down came out lambasting Ramsay for the restaurant’s closure.

The fact that Trobiano’s did not do the same suggested that there was more to the story. Therefore, when someone commented that they drove past the restaurant and saw a notice stating that they closed due to unpaid taxes, this became the prominent narrative.

Trobiano’s sweetest moment

The reason that Trobiano’s is still one of the most memorable episodes from Kitchen Nightmares is because Gordon Ramsay was full of surprises.

First, he surprised Anthony with a ring to propose to Tiffany during the grand opening. Ramsay then surprised the couple with a pop-up wedding after Tiffany agreed to marry Anthony in front of the customers that attended the grand re-opening.

What is Anthony Trobiano doing now?

After Trobiano’s closed in October 2008, it was reported that Anthony Trobiano works as a chef at the Speranza Food Studio. But following the closure of the business in 2011, it was also reported that Trobiano was the head chef at Cirella’s Restaurant in Melville, New York.

Anthony has subsequently left the restaurant and is believed to have entered into corporate work.

On the home front, he is reportedly still happily married to Tiffany, with the couple having three children together.