Kwesta’s Spirit music video, featuring Wale, speculated to be inspiration of new BMW advert

Kwesta’s fans have come to his defence after the reveal of the new BMW advert, which, according to Twitter users, looks like a shortened version of the Spirit music video, featuring Wale.

Kwesta’s name topped the Twitter trends list on Tuesday, 22 September 2020; this is as a result of the new BMW advert receiving traction and backlash from social media users. The advert celebrates the earlier BMW model called igusheshe, which was a popular car in the townships, especially in the early 2000s. The advert not only closely resembles the visuals of the Spirit music video, according to Twitter users, but also uses a sample of the song as its soundtrack.

As soon as the advert started gaining traction, people asked why Kwesta was not credited or featured in the video. Kwesta has not yet commented on the advert and the alleged use of his music video as inspiration. This comes after Savanna Dry succumbed to the social media backlash for its recent ad campaign, which initially referenced social media sensation, Pharoahfi, but did not credit her for her influence in popularising the brand.

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