Lady Zamar addresses change after revamping social media pages

Lady Zamar recently changed all her profile pictures and headers on social media, and cryptically addressed the matter in a Twitter post about change being hard.

Lady Zamar, on Wednesday, 10 June 2020, took to Twitter and touched on the concept of change in a cryptic post. The More And More musician tweeted, “Change is hard. So be brave enough to. Only the brave reap the rewards of courage.”

The post comes after the musician made many changes to her social media profiles. Recently, Lady Zamar changed her name to “Miya Khai Unicorn,” presented in pink and white. She then changed her profile pictures to “MK,” borrowing from the unicorn’s name.

The latest change was to her profile pictures, which are now back to images of herself, with the pink and white motif still carried through the background. It is still unclear what the change signifies, or if this marks a rebranding for the musician.

See the post below.