Lady Zamar details lack of assistance received when reporting a stalker

Lady Zamar took to Twitter to share a series of posts addressing the topical issue of abuse, further detailing the lack of assistance she received after reporting a stalker.

Lady Zamar spent the better part of Sunday, 12 July 2020, addressing matters of abuse and detailing her experience after reporting a stalker to the police. One of her first tweets touched on the grooming that victims often endure from their abusers.

The More And More musician then detailed her experience with a stalker. Lady Zamar stated that when she reported the stalker, the police were of very little assistance. She stated, “The police laughed [because] they said unless the man had physically harmed me, there was nothing they could do.”

The post prompted other women to share harrowing stories about their own experiences in the comments section. The common thread was the onus being placed on the victim to find and name their stalker. Lady Zamar then ended by alluding to her tumultuous relationship with ex-boyfriend, Sjava.

See the posts below.