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Lady Zamar responds to a social media user suggesting she is at the “height of her career”

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Vocalist, Lady Zamar, did not take lightly to a social media user that gave her a backhanded compliment, suggesting that she should take break while she is at the “height of her career”.

Lady Zamar is currently promoting the release of her Sharp Shooter music video, which made its television debut on Monday, 14 October 2019. Taking to social media on the day of the music video’s release, the singer addressed a fan that suggested that her music is becoming repetitive. The social media user attempted to mask the insult by complimenting the Collide hitmaker’s success and rise in the music industry.

In the tweet, the follower stated, “Lady Zamar is at the height of her career but I wouldn’t mind a break from her. We are about to get the same songs at this rate.” The follower had not tagged Lady Zamar nor had the post received any comments from his over 8 000 followers, but after landing on the post, the songstress replied to the tweet.

Her reply read, “It’s great that I don’t take career advice from you .You’re going get everything intended shame. Everything! And height? I’ve only begun the great climb, honey!” Many of the comments on Lady Zamar’s post were surprised by Lady Zamar’s candour.

The first comment made light of the situation, with the user writing, “Where does this person get the balls to make such a remark about the best English speaking artist we have in South Africa?” However, the comments that followed suggested that Lady Zamar did not need to respond to the comment.

One social media user wrote, “Don’t allow yourself to be easily provoked. Just let it slide, some people love attention.” Another comment from a social media user that shared similar sentiments stated, “Leave him alone. Carry on giving us, your fans, music we love it. You work hard, especially when it’s something you love!”.

Sabelo Makhubo
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