Lady Zamar warns of what will happen when she has “perfect skin again”

Lady Zamar took to Twitter to write a defiant post explaining what would happen after she clears her acne and has “perfect skin again.”

On Monday, 30 September 2019, Lady Zamar took to her Twitter page to warn her followers, stating, “You all will be eating crow when this phase in my life ends and I’ve got perfect skin again. [I’m] understanding and accepting every stage on my life. Living fully.” The Collide hitmaker was referring to her acne condition, which some social media users have constantly teased and ridiculed her about.

Many of her supporters took to the comments section to reassure her that she is beautiful either way. One of the first comments on the post read, “We aren’t bothered by your imperfect skin, we have our own problems to deal with.” Another social media user concurred, writing, “Exactly! Her skin doesn’t take away her talent and amazing personality. I’m still crazy about Lady Zamar.”

Another social media warned, “Baby girl you don’t need validation from anyone. Your acne treatment shouldn’t be for them, it should be for you. They’ll probably pick something else when you’re done, are you going to try to perfect that too? Perfect skin or not, you’re still Lady Zamar and we love you as you are.”

Lady Zamar continued to engage with her fans, especially after one stated, “You’ll be surprised most people only started noticing the acne once you started posting about it. Still it doesn’t matter to most of us. Please stop [with the] pre-occupation.” She responded, saying, “Nope, people noticed when someone else posted a picture of me.”

Here, she was referring to when Prince Kaybee posted an image of the two of them working on Afro Brotherz’s debut hit single, Own The Night. A social media user had zoomed in on her face to reveal her acne, sparking social media conversation.