Lamiez Holworthy confirms her and Khuli Chana’s nuptials

Lamiez Holworthy has confirmed that she is now officially married to her customary law husband, Khuli Chana.

Lamiez Holworthy took to Twitter on Tuesday, 27 July 2021, to confirm that she is officially married to Khuli Chana. In 2018, the leading celebrity couple revealed that they were traditionally married, which meant that their union was acknowledged as a customary marriage. Therefore, as much as the public considered them married, it seems that Holworthy was happier to be acknowledged as a wife and not just a customary bride.

The star made that clear when a Twitter user commented on her post, asking why she has yet to change her stage name to match her husband’s, which would mean she would be Lamiez Chana. Holworthy seemed to not take lightly to the quip, as she responded by stating that she is married to the man behind the musical genius, writing, “No thanks. Married to Khulani Morule not Khuli Chana.”

Holworthy subsequently took to her Instagram Stories to share a promotional post, canvassing for an automated pool cover and reflecting on her fortune as a booked media personality.

See the post below.