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Langa Mavuso’s Pretend music video, featuring Aimée George, translates lyrics into dance

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Langa Mavuso has released the music video for his new single, Pretend, featuring Aimée George, which sees an emotive portrayal of the song through dance.

Langa Mavuso’s music video for his single, Pretend, featuring Aimée George, was released on Friday, 26 February 2021. The soulful song hears both artists sharing the painful realisation of the end of a relationship, where the only thing to do to make it work is to pretend that everything is okay, even though it clearly is not. Both Langa and Aimée deliver their own verses separately, before coming together for the melodious chorus.

The music video sees them in a modern apartment, where they perform with their backs to each other. The scenes are intercut with an emotional dance performance throughout. Dancers, Chad Baai and Prince Igbokwe, perform a contemporary dance piece which physically tells the story of heartbreak and despair.

In an Instagram post on Friday, featured artist, Aimée, thanked all those involved in the making of the music video. She stated, “Thank you, Chad Baai and Prince Igbokwe for gifting the song with your transcendent ability to express such vulnerability through dance. I am in awe of you both! Lastly, thank you to my dear friend, Langa, we’ll never go out of style. We will always have Pretend – and for that, I am so grateful.”

Watch the Pretend music video below.

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