Las Vegas season 6 – What would have happened?

Season 6 of Las Vegas would probably have focused on how A.J. survived the plane crash and on Delinda’s pregnancy, but this has not been confirmed.

Although the NBC series, Las Vegas, had a promising start, the network decided to cancel the show after its fifth season.

As a result, not many details have been released about what would have happened in the sixth season of the show if it had one. Although this season would likely have included a conclusion to A.J’s. mysterious reappearance and Delinda’s pregnancy.

Why was Las Vegas Cancelled?

Las Vegas first began airing on NBC in 2003, but unfortunately, the series was cancelled in 2008, after its fifth season had already aired.

NBC believed in the series’ potential so much that its pilot was the most expensive one that NBC had ever created up to that point.

Unfortunately, the show did not end up being as successful as the network had planned. Furthermore, some controversy, along with a declining viewership, finally convinced NBC not to renew the show for a sixth season.

Las Vegas season 6 – What would have happened?

If you are an avid television watcher, you will know that there are few things worse than your favourite show being cancelled after its unplanned final season has already aired.

If a show is cancelled before this final season is shot, the creators of the show at least have time to tie up a few loose ends and give the fans some sort of closure.

However, when a show like Las Vegas’s cancellation is only announced after the last season ends on a massive cliffhanger, then fans of the show are left pondering what would have happened if the creators were given one more season to wrap things up in the narrative.

In Las Vegas’s case, the series finale ended quite dramatically, with A.J. Cooper unexpectedly showing up to his own memorial service.

Just after the shock of seeing A.J. alive settled, Delinda (who was in the late stages of her pregnancy) started bleeding. The screen subsequently turned black and this marked the end of the show.

Fans of the series are still lamenting its blunt conclusion to this day. Now that so many years have passed, though, most people can make an educated guess as to what probably would have happened in the sixth season of the series had it been renewed.

Including the conclusion of A.J.’s storyline and the fact that Danny and Delinda’s baby would have probably survived in the end.

Which cast members would have returned for the sixth season?

Las Vegas was cancelled way before its creators could start making concrete plans for the storyline of the sixth season.

However, Gary Scott Thompson, the show’s creator did reveal that he always planned to give the series a big curtain call with all of the main characters before it ended.

Therefore, we can assume that most of the main cast, including Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel), Mike Cannon (James Lesure), Samantha Jane “Sam” Marquez (Vanessa Marcil), Delinda Deline (Molly Sims), Nessa Holt (Marsha Thomason) and A.J. Cooper (Tom Selleck), would have made an appearance in the sixth season of the series.

What would have happened after A.J. Cooper’s surprise return?

The creators and cast of Las Vegas have not released many details about what they were planning for the show beyond the fifth season’s finale, even though it  ended more than a decade ago.

However, since A.J. Cooper’s surprise return was such a central part of the fifth season’s finale, it may be safe to assume that the sixth season would have delved deeper into how he managed to survive the plane crash.

What would have happened to Danny and Delinda’s baby in the sixth season?

When Delinda started bleeding in the last few moments of the season five finale episode, fans immediately knew that this would most likely mean trouble for her and Danny’s baby.

In fact, the concern for this baby even became the main reason why fans petitioned the NBC big-wigs to renew the series.

Some fans even want as far as sending baby booties to the NBC headquarters in the hopes that it would get the show renewed for a sixth season.

However, throughout the years, devoted fans have had to make peace with the fact that they will just have to take the rumours that Delinda and Danny were set to appear in NBC’s other show Knight Rider, with their newborn baby in tow, at face value.

Furthermore, they have had to accept that they could have seen Delinda, Danny, and their baby as one happy family in the sixth season of the series.