Letoya Makhene hospitalized after suffering from burnout 

Letoya Makhene has revealed that she had to be hospitalized this week, after experiencing extreme exhaustion, and clarified that it was not because of COVID-19.

Letoya Makhene shared an Instagram post on Tuesday, 15 December 2020, which revealed that she had spent a few days in hospital this week, after experiencing burnout. The actress posted a series of images from her stay at the hospital, which showed her being visited by many of her loved ones, who brought her bouquets of flowers.

Letoya stated, “Our bodies talk to us. We either choose to listen or not. I chose not to. I pushed myself to the max until my body couldn’t carry me anymore. I’m alive. I’m well. I’m out of hospital.”

She also clarified that her fatigue was not due to COVID-19, as it was purely because she was overworked for a long period of time. In a following post, Letoya revealed that her fiancée, Lebo Keswa, had not left her side throughout her stay, and shared an image of her lying in the hospital bed with her.

See the post below.