Letterkenny: Allegedly

One of the most successful commercialised memes from Letterkenny is “allegedly”, which is based on the tale of The Ginger and Boots and an ostrich.

Letterkenny is the hit Canadian sitcom which first premiered on the small screen in 2015. The concept was adapted from the Jared Keeso original YouTube skit Letterkenny Problems.

In the eleven seasons (and counting) of the hit Crave and Hulu sitcom, it has given rise to some funny memes.

One in particular is based on the folktale based on minor characters, The Ginger and Boots and their alleged sexual encounter with an ostrich.

The use of the term “allegedly” every time the matter is brought up has resulted in the creation and sale of various merchandise in celebration of this folklore in Letterkenny.

A list of episodes that The Ginger and Boots appeared on Letterkenny

While they may be responsible for one of the most memorable and poignant memes from Letterkenny, The Ginger and Boots have not appeared more than four times in the seven-year run of the Canadian sitcom.

A list of the episodes that they have appeared on includes:

Episode Season Year
“A Fuss in the Bush” Season 1 2016
“Puck Bunny” Season 3 2017
“Yew!” Season 6 2018
“In It To Win It” Seven 7 2019

Letterkenny: Allegedly

The term “Allegedly” in Letterkenny is associated with one of the funniest ongoing skits from the sitcom. The running gag stems from the minor characters’ first appearance in the show The Ginger and Boots.

It all started when Wayne suggested that they be brought in as backups when Wayne and company had to face Joint Boy and his entourage

However, he was not aware of the ongoing town gossip about the two powerful fighters. During his interaction with Dan and Daryl, he was caught up about the gossip in a conversation that went as follows:

  • Daryl: You think we should call The Ginger?
  • Wayne: Mmm, no.
  • Daryl: Why not? He’s tougher than hell.
  • Wayne: Yeah, but… well like, you heard he f*cked an ostrich, right?
  • Daryl: He what?
  • Wayne: He f*cked an ostrich?
  • Dan: Allegedly.
  • Daryl: How does a fella get caught up in that sort of business?
  • Wayne: Well, I guess his cousin had an ostrich farm, when he thought it might be fun to f*ck one.
  • Dan: Allegedly.
  • Wayne: So, he got hard, somehow, and he f*cked an ostrich.
  • Daryl: That’s f*cked.
  • Wayne: That’s a felony.
  • Daryl: So we use him only in emergencies, then.
  • Wayne: I should say.

Wayne then set out on an investigation in an effort to exonerate his friends. While he initially achieved his intention, he only made matters worse as the folklore was blown further out of proportion afterward.

How Wayne’s investigation into “Allegedly” made matters worse

In an attempt to exonerate The Ginger and Boots on their alleged sexual encounter with an ostrich, Wayne only made matters worse.

Initially, though he concluded the investigation by highlighting that it was near impossible for two people to restrain and have their way with an ostrich, he ruined his own intent by adding:

  • Wayne: So you’ll see, there is no way the Ginger and Boots could have f*cked an ostrich.
  • Daryl: Maybe they tranqed the ostrich.
  • Dan: Like they roofied the ostrich?
  • Wayne: You wanna know what? You should feel bad about even suggesting that the Ginger and Boots f*cked an ostrich. Bad gas travels real fast in a small town. My research concludes that the only way the Ginger and Boots could have f*cked an ostrich is if it was a dead ostrich.

This then Glen, who was riding past on his bike to hear and reply, stated, “Ginger and Boots (*horn honks*) a dead ostrich? I thought it was just sick! Oh, my! Ginny? The Ginger and Boots effed a dead ostrich.”

Who plays The Ginger and Boots?

The identity of The Ginger and Boots has been a matter of intrigue since their first cameo appearance. This is as the two actors remain uncredited by the sitcom.

However, it is believed that the characters are played by lead and sitcom creator, Jared Keeso’s friends from Listowel. The fact that they remain uncredited has been a debated matter amongst fans of the show.

On the one hand, it is understood that since they do not have any lines, it makes sense they remain uncredited. However, that argument is contested by the fact that the two are responsible for one of the most commercially successful merchandised memes from the sitcom.

What “Allegedly” merchandise can I purchase?

There is various “Allegedly” merchandise available for purchase. There are t-shirts, which come in black with the meme and an ostrich printed on the t-shirt, and ones with some colour, in grey, or long sleeved.

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Moreover, there are cups, glasses, and stickers that can be purchased with the tagline and an ostrich to represent the origin of the meme.

Letterkenny: Allegedly Letterkenny: Allegedly Letterkenny: Allegedly
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