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Linda Mtoba perturbed by elderly man preying on young girls at restaurant

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Linda Mtoba has recounted an incident that took place at the weekend, which saw her saving two young girls from an unknown elderly man who insisted on joining them at their table.

Linda Mtoba took to Twitter on Saturday, 9 January 2021, to share a disturbing experience she encountered earlier that day, where she had to save two young girls from a potential predator. According to the actress, she was at lunch with her mother and daughter when she saw two young girls sitting directly across her. Suddenly, an elderly man sat at their table, and the young girls began to look panicked and uncomfortable.

Linda managed to gain eye contact with them, and quickly went to their table and pretended to know them, so that the man would back away. The incident caused for Linda to reflect on all South African women, and how they are often preyed on by unknown men. She expressed concern for her daughter, whom she fears may the victim in such situations in the future.

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