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Listen to Bad Bunny and Farruko’s latest single, La Cartera

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Latino superstars Bad Bunny and Farruko released their collaborative new single La Cartera on Friday, 26 April 2019.

The single fuses together reggae and Latin rhythms, culminating to a slow-tempo build up instrumental which climaxes into a dance track at the chorus. Farruko opens up the song with a smooth verse which keeps in tone with the marijuana theme of La Cartera, which translates to “wallet” or “the portfolio” in English. Bad Bunny then picks up the tempo for the chorus, as a drum beat is introduced.

La Cartera talks about the musicians having an extensive amount of money at their disposal, which is kept safely in their wallets. They go on to explain that they are ready for any situation, no matter the price, and urge their audience to relax whilst smoking marijuana and to forget about any stresses that may be on their mind.

The single is available for purchase on iTunes.

Listen to La Cartera below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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