Listen to Dash Berlin’s Locked Out of Heaven, featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn

Dutch electronic duo Eelke Kalberg and Sebastian Moljin, better known under the stage name Dash Berlin, released their latest single Locked Out Of Heaven featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn on Friday, 15 March 2019.

The release features two versions of Locked Out Of Heaven, the original version and the Dash Berlin 4am Mix.

The song samples Bruno Mars’ Locked Out Of Heaven, originally released on 7 December 2012. It is a completely reinvented sound in comparison to the pop hit, as it features a predominantly trance beat alongside static progressions and delicate synths. This is complementary to the powerful vocals.

The Dash Berlin 4am Mix of the song is a darker version of the original as it distorts Jonathan’s vocals and includes deeper and faster throbbing trance beats.

The single is available for purchase on iTunes.

Listen to Locked Out of Heaven below.