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Listen to DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota’s single, Masambeni (Ukhala Ngani), featuring Busiswa, DJ Sbucardo, Kwesta and Emo Kid

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Vetkuk vs Mahoota - Masambeni (Ukhala Ngani) ft Busiswa x DJ Sbucardo x Kwesta x Emo Kid

Deejaying duo, DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota, released their new single, Masambeni (Ukhala Ngani) on Friday, 5 July 2019.

Masambeni (Ukhala Ngani) is a catchy, upbeat secular house single from veteran house DJs, DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota, who worked with upcoming producer-DJs, DJ Sbucardo and Emo Kid to produce the beat of the song. On vocals, the DJ duo put together a surprising combination of popular house vocalist, Busiswa, and hip-hop artist, Kwesta, as they alternate in the vocal delivery.

The release of this single marks the duo’s second single release for 2019. On Friday, 22 March 2019, the duo released the track Abagezi Labafana, featuring Drum Pope, Soul Dictators and Leehleza.

Referencing the single’s title, the cover art features the DJs and featured vocalists waiting for the train with a suitcase in front of them as the train approaches.

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Masambeni (Ukhala Ngani) below.

Sabelo Makhubo
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