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Listen to Feid’s new album, 19

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Feid album 19

Colombian singer-songwriter Feid released his third studio album 19 on Friday, 17 May 2019.

19 is a 12-track album that encapsulates the energy and confidence of reggaeaton, as well as displays Feid’s range as an artist. Feid’s smooth vocals capture the listener’s attention beside infectious rhythms.

The album kicks off on an energy-filled note dembowpopsexyTROPICAL, a bouncy track that features dembow style influence, a genre that originated in Columbia. Following this is Buena Mala, featuring Alizzz. Here we hear a softer side of Feid as he croons beside an R&B rhythm about the ugly side of love.

Other highlights on the album include the sun-soaked Badwine as well as a remix of Feid’s most popular song Sígueme. The remix also featured on the album, features Panamanian artist Sech. The pair sings back-to-back, captivating the listener with their syrupy, dulcet tones. Subiendo contrasts this with its distinctive hip-hop style that highlights Feid’s Latino trap flow.

The album is available for purchase on iTunes.

Listen to 19 below.

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