Listen to Fil Bo Riva’s new album, Beautiful Sadness

Italian musician Fil Bo Riva released his latest album Beautiful Sadness on Friday, 22 March 2019.

The thirteen-track album is an exploration of love, relationships and sorrow, with an indie-pop sound.

The album begins with the heart-wrenching intro Sadness, an emotion-filled piece where the artist sings about heartbreak. This is followed by one of the album’s highlights, Time Is Your Gun, a melodic piece supported by a guitar. The lyrics discuss an individual’s ability to cause the artist pain.

Other highlights on the album include the upbeat Go Rilla, sultry Head Sonata (Love Control) and a song that launched him into popularity in the music scene L’over. It is a powerful, folky and tender piece that truly encapsulates the album’s essence with lyrics relating to themes of heartbreak and love.

The album is available for purchase on iTunes.

Listen to Beautiful Sadness below.