Listen to L-Tido’s latest album 16

Popular local rapper L-Tido released his highly anticipated album titled 16 on Friday, 28 September 2018.

This is his first release in five years. The rapper admits that 16 is his most personal and introspective album to date. On the album, he also sets the record straight on what happened between him, Maggz, Sean Pages and Morale, collectively known as the Glitz Gang.

In an interview on CliffCentral’s The Oneal Africa Experience on Friday, 28 September 2018, the rapper commented:

“I express my Hip Hop the way I express it. Albums have been out this year, Nasty C dropped an album, AKA dropped an album. I’m not going to listen to their album and get influenced for me to make my music. I have to tell an L-Tido story, not anyone else’s story.”

The album is available for download on iTunes.

Listen to the album on the link below.