Listen to LR Ley Del Rap’s new album, El Renacimiento

Latino hip-hop artist LR Ley Del Rap released his new album, El Renacimiento, today, 7 June 2019.

The 16-track album includes features from Don Miguelo on Dime, Mark B on Punta Cana, Tivi Gunz on Fuego Y Pasión, Eklectico on Mode Buitre, Josh Milli on Cuentales and Nino Freestyle, Kenser, El Fecho, King Kalibre and Tivi Gunz on the explosive closing song, Morir Joseando. The album comprises both Latin rhythms and hip-hop, which merge through the use of punchy lyrics and trap beats.

The album’s cover art shows the rapper seated in a dark room, dressed in a hat, fur coat and diamond ring. As he stares off into the distance, ghostly images of people are reflected in the glass above his head. The album’s title is also printed across the glass in bold white font.

The album is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to El Renacimiento below.