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Listen to Noa Sainz new single, qué bueno!

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Mexican R&B songstress Noa Sainz released her latest single, qué bueno!, on Friday, 7 June 2019.

On qué bueno! we are treated to Noa Sainz’s crystalline lilt as she delivers a balmy, dreamy tune that showcases her fresh take on R&B.

Noa’s illuminating refrain floats atop a sweet, slow-burning melody that complements her vocal without overshadowing it. Kick drum thumps and swirling flutes build to create a stunning beat that pairs with Noa’s lilt to create a buoyant but still mellow tune.

Lyrically, qué bueno! sees Noa reflect on a relationship that has ended, feeling regretful and apologetic for the mistakes she has made but also looking back fondly and cherishing the memories thatwere once shared.

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music

Listen to qué bueno! below.

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