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Listen to Phil Collins’ new album, Other Sides

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Legendary English singer, producer and instrumentalist Phil Collins released his latest album, Other Sides, on Friday, 31 May 2019.

Other Sides is an 18-track compilation of unreleased retakes or B-tracks of some of Collins’ biggest hits.

The demos on the album are mellow and tender, allowing the instrumentation to stand out more striking than ever. From In The Air Tonight (Demo) to If Leaving Me Is Easy (Demo), the instrumentation is resounding, while Collins’ vocals are illuminatingly pure. The pace is picked up with the jubilant The Man with the Horn, the energetic I Like the Way and the thundering instrumental of Big Noise.

Other dazzling demos featured on the album include Homeless, the demo for his universally known masterpiece Another Day In Paradise, Lionel, the Do You Remember demo and the early demo of Everyday. 

The album is available for purchase on iTunes.

Listen to Other Sides below.

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