Listen to Rauw Alejandro’s new album, Trap Cake, Vol.1

Puerto Rican singer and rapper Rauw Alejandro released his latest album, Trap Cake, Vol.1, on Friday, 31 May 2019.

Trap Cake, Vol.1 is a seven-track album that sees Rauw test the limits of his vocal refrain while delivering fiery raps on hip-hop beats. Here, we also see Rauw experimenting with his sound, melding R&B, reggaeton and trap sounds.

The album begins with fast hit Al Mismo Tiempo, which wastes no time and introduces the listener to Rauw’s signature combination of tender vocals alongside a breakneck trap beat. Cubierto de Ti, featuring Lary Over, ups the pace, showcasing their cavalier flow. The duo raps side-to-side over a synthy, bass heavy beat.

Another standout song on Trap Cake is the lead single Na’ de Ti, featuring Irie Kingz. Here, Olivia contrasts Rauw’s trap style raps with her syrupy and seductive refrain, resulting in a must listen to track.

The album is available for purchase on iTunes.

Listen to Trap Cake, Vol.1 below.