Listen to Rob Thomas new album, Chip Tooth Smile

Rob Thomas has today, 26 April 2019, released his brand new album titled Chip Tooth Smile.

He first announced his then upcoming album when he debuted the lead single and track one, One Less Day (Dying Young). It is a pop and rock anthem, which he released in the hopes that it would encourage listeners to understand that “living one more day is a privilege not afforded to everyone, so do all you can with the ones you get.”

The album carries this message throughout the other songs on the album, which Rob Thomas intertwines with storytelling, giving audiences glimpses into his personal life.  From the alternative rock, mid-tempo song, Funny, to the laid back, acoustic based love song, The Man To Hold The Water.

Other songs featured on the album include Timeless, Can’t Help Me Now, We Were Beautiful and Early In The Morning.

Chip Tooth Smile is the fourth solo studio album from the front man of American rock band, Matchbox Twenty.

The album is available for purchase on iTunes.

Listen to Chip Tooth Smile below.