Listen to Shaggy’s new album, Wah Gwaan?!

Jamaican singer, producer and musician Shaggy released his latest album Wah Gwaan?! on Friday, 10 May 2019.

Wah Gwaan?! is a 14-track album that sees Shaggy explore various reggae, EDM and dancehall beats, while maintaining his rambunctious sound. The album begins with Caribbean Way, a bombastic take on techno. Here, Shaggy delivers a high-energy performance alongside a slew of synths, mechanical progressions and a steady tropical percussive beat.

When She Loves Me, featuring Rayvon, is the highlight of Wah Gwaan?!  and is reminiscent of old-school Shaggy. The song follows a mellow percussive melody as Shaggy and Rayvon deliver besotted reggae refrain.

Shaggy commented on Wah Gwaan?! in an article published by Cheddar on Friday, 10 May 2019 stating, “You should feel like you’re on a rollercoaster ride. Remember, in making music, you shouldn’t just hear music, you should feel it. And that’s what reggae music is about, It must be eargasmic.”

The album is available for purchase on iTunes.

Listen to Wah Gwaan?! Below.