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Listen to The Stixxx’s new album, Redemption

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The Stixxx album Redemption

Country, hip-hop and rock fusion band The Stixxx released their latest album, Redemption on Wednesday, 15 May 2019.

Redemption is a seven-track album that stays true to the band’s distinctive fusion sound, each song striking a balance between country and hip-hop. The album begins with the prelude Redemption Introduction. Here, a narrator explains how Georgia may appear as an unassuming place but if you overlook this you will understand that the most unassuming places have stories to tell.

This flows into the lead single Country’s All I Know, featuring Mr. Brodnax, a devotion to Georgia. Here, the band delivers raps over a dynamic, bass-heavy hip-hop beat. This sharp flow is prevalent through songs like H.I.T.H, featuring Samroc, and Tj Freeq and Chicken Little. This is contrasted by softer, instrumentally led pieces like Alright and Spotlight, featuring Big Buzz, where we see a more country-tinged side of The Stixxx.

The album is available for purchase on iTunes.

Listen to Redemption below.

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