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Local travellers can plan ahead with Mango Airlines’ free date change option

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Mango Airlines has resumed operations for business and essential travel only, but is allowing local travellers to plan ahead by making provisional bookings with a free date change option.

Level 3 of the nationwide lockdown only permits limited air travel, accommodating those who have to move between provinces for unavoidable business meetings and other essential events. For frequent travellers and holidaymakers, planning ahead to the next vacation could help settle the cabin fever experienced by many throughout the lockdown period.

Although most people are not permitted to make use of air travel until further notice, avid vacation-goers are now able to plan for their end-of-year holidays. Mango Airlines is allowing customers to make bookings in advance, in anticipation of the easing of lockdown regulations, with the option to change the date at a later stage.

In a statement on the Mango Airlines website, the carrier informed prospective passengers about the option to make a booking and receive one free date change if necessary. This allows passengers to make bookings in advance for the festive period or the coming year without worrying about potentially losing their money.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]