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Lockdown birthday celebration suggestions 

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Many things have been postponed this year due to the global pandemic, however, birthdays cannot be one of them; here are some ways to still make your special day memorable.

With a quarter of the year having already been spent under lockdown, there has been a significant number of people who are forced to celebrate their birthdays in quarantine. Large gatherings have been prohibited and nightlife is speculated to be months away from being allowed, resulting in everyone having to get creative when celebrating their special day.

A Zoom party has been the go-to party idea, as it allows up to 100 people to join in from all parts of the world. A high tea or a special lunch is another alternative within a household, or ordering in from a fine dining restaurant to make the day a little more unique.

With the majority of party guests expected to be joining in digitally, an inclusive online game can help kick off the festivities. Digital Murder Mystery Co. has developed a website specifically designed for digital parties during lockdown. Parties during lockdown will ultimately require some form of compromise, however, with the right party guests, the day will remain similar to celebrations before lockdown.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]

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