Lockdown House Party’s Saturday episode to include Big Zulu and Shimza

Lockdown House Party’s Saturday night episode is set to host some of South Africa’s biggest names, including Big Zulu and co-founder of the show, Shimza.

Lockdown House Party’s upcoming episode, which airs on Saturday, 16 January 2021, on Channel O, will see a list of South Africa’s most popular DJs providing an hour-long setlist each. The line-up for the evening will include DJ Call Me at 18:00, Muziou and Espacio Dio at 19:00, King Bash at 20:00, Big Zulu at 21:00, Shimza at 22:00, and Kevin Momo at 23:00.

Lockdown House Party returned to Channel O on Friday, 8 January 2021, and was welcomed with a warm reaction from music lovers and partygoers. The live music show, co-created by DJ Shimza and DJ pH, was considered one of the best breakout shows of 2020, due to its musical offering that provided a party vibe whilst everyone was forced to be at home during the nationwide lockdown.

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