Lorna Maseko collaborates with Fry’s on vegan meatballs recipe 

Lorna Maseko has collaborated with plant-based food company, Fry’s, on a vegan meatballs dish made from the brand’s Big Fry Burger patties.

Quarantine has called for at-home master chefs to try their hand at different recipes and explore new tastes. Well-known chef and host of The Hostess, Lorna Maseko, also switched things up by turning an ordinary burger patty into meatballs. Fry’s enlisted the chef to showcase her own take on the Big Fry Burger and turn the original plant-based patty into a unique meal which would resemble meat to non-vegans.

In an Instagram video on Wednesday, 24 June 2020, Lorna stated, “I’ve just made juicy meatless meatballs using the Fry’s patties. I was challenged by Fry’s to make something great with their Big Fry Burger, a 100 percent plant-based burger patty. I was [very happy], to say the least.”

The meatballs were created by softening the patties and mixing them together with a variety of spices and garnishing. Held together with breadcrumbs, the meatballs were refrigerated for 15 minutes before being fried until crispy. Thereafter, the vegan meatballs were accompanied by a creamy coconut mash and pickles.

Watch the video below.