Lorna Maseko joins UN initiative to tackle climate change through sustainable food choices

Lorna Maseko took to Instagram on Tuesday, 9 July 2019, to announce news of being part of a United Nations (UN) project addressing climate change issues through recreating recipes using sustainable foods.

South African TV personality, Lorna Maseko, has joined a global movement that is aimed at creating new recipes from sustainable foods. Lorna shared news of her excitement and honour of being part of a global movement that was launched on 18 June 2019, named Sustainable Gastronomy Day. The United Nations project features a collective of chefs from the non-profit organisation Chef Manifesto, from around the world, who recreate recipes using sustainable foods.

Lorna, who is also a celebrity chef and known for hosting her own cooking show, SABC 3’s The Hostess With Lorna Maseko, expressed that she is excited to be a part of the United Nations project.

As someone who grew up in a previously disadvantaged background and one of the poorest townships in South Africa, in the video, Lorna shared that the project is an exhilarating experience. Using old recipes of sustainable foods and reviving them anew is not only an exciting concept for the ballerina-turned-celebrity-chef, but even more so because it is a positive contribution towards tackling issues of climate change. Remembering old times, she reflected on how her father used to bring home fresh warm peanuts known as ‘madopis’ which he’d buy at the taxi rank. She further expresses how amazing and exciting it is that the project allows and propels her to use the kind of food she grew up eating in a new and better way.

To join the global movement, Lorna invites all to share their own refreshed sustainable food recipes on social media using the hashtag #ActNow.

Watch the promotional video below.