Love After Lockup: Monique

Monique Robinson has been a fan-favourite on Love After Lockup because her relationship with Derek Warner Jr. is so controversial and dysfunctional.

Season four of Love After Lockup follows various couples, including Monique and Derek, as they try to make their relationships work in the outside world after being released from prison.

Fans of the show have loved watching how Monique and Derek’s dysfunctional relationship plays out on screen. However, Monique has received her fair share of hate because of it.

About season four of Love After Lockup

Finding love true love can be difficult, but We TV’s reality series, Love After Lockup, proves just how difficult it can be for recently released felons to reintegrate into regular life with their significant others.

The fourth season of this popular reality television series first started airing on 4 March 2022. It chronicles the lives and relationships of several couples who hope that their love will hold up in the outside world.

As always, there is plenty of family drama, infidelity, and romance along the way.

Love After Lockup: Monique

One of the couples that has been capturing the attention of viewers on the fourth season of Love After Lockup recently is Monique Robinson and Derek Warner Jr.

As with most couples on the show, Monique was introduced as the non-inmate in the relationship who was anxiously awaiting Derek’s release after they had a two-year relationship through a prison pen-pal program.

Monique became a fan-favourite character on the reality series from the very first moment that fans noticed her no-filter attitude and bubbling personality. But her appearance on Love After Lockup was not entirely without controversy.

In her first episode on the show, Monique is shown driving all the way from Chicago to Ohio to pick Derek up once he is released.

However, after talking with Derek about how his family did not support him throughout his incarceration, she decides that it would be best if his family does not join her at the gate.

This ultimately resulted in a physical altercation between Monique and Derek’s sister. Unfortunately, Monique’s issues with Derek’s family were not the only problem in their relationship.

Although fans felt sympathy for Monique when Derek admitted in his confessional that he was being dishonest with her, this sympathy waned as Monique slowly became more and more possessive over Derek.

Monique went as far as placing cameras in his room and tracking software on his phone. Fans can expect to see how the next chapter of Monique and Derek’s relationship plays out on Life After Lockup: Part 5.

More about Monique Robinson

Although most people know about Monique from her appearance on Love After Lockup, there is much more to her than what you see on the show. Monique was born on 25 July 1988, according to her Facebook profile, and she is currently 34 years old.

Before Monique was a reality television star, she worked as Client Service Representative at the VCA Chicago North Animal Hospital where she provided pets and their owners with the best possible care and support since 2015.

She is also quite active on social media and regularly posts on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The criticism that Monique has faced

Reality television stars are often bombarded with online hate when they are first introduced to the public. But in Monique’s case, the online harassment has gotten so extreme that she has had to address it publicly.

She has called out the people in her comment section for being cyberbullies after various instances of people being rude about her weight and saying that she “catfished” Derek.

She said that they have been together for almost three years now and that “He love it here. We living in our truth. Love is love.”

Are Monique and Derek still together?

Avid reality television fans will know that shows like Love After Lockup are often filmed months before they actually start airing. Moreover, there can be a lot of behind-the-scenes drama in those months after the filming of the show.

This is why many Love After Lockup fans are curious about whether Derek’s rumoured infidelity and dishonesty and Monique’s jealousy have caught up to the couple yet.

However, it seems as though Monique and Derek are still together even though Derek’s confessions on the show about his misdoings have started airing.

She posted a photo of her and Derek on 3 February 2023, which looks like it is from a professional photoshoot. The photo’s caption reads “He my King and I’m his Queen get use to it”. She even posted a more recent photo three days ago of them kissing.