Love Is Blind: Do Bartise and Nancy get married?

Although it can only be confirmed once the finale has aired, fans of Love Is Blind are convinced that Bartise and Nancy will not get married.

Dating reality shows tend to be very popular these days, but Love Is Blind has managed to create its own innovative format in this genre, which has made it even more popular.

Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez are one of the couples on season three of the show who got engaged, but although nothing has been confirmed just yet, fans are sceptical of whether they will actually end up getting married in the season finale.

Why is Love Is Blind so popular?

Reality television shows have always been popular because of their easy-to-understand formats.

Dating reality shows, in particular, tend to be a common way for people to entertain themselves while doing chores around the house or just having a moment to relax.

However, these shows can start to seem similar, especially when you watch one after the other. Fortunately, Love Is Blind has managed to create an innovative format that viewers were not used to seeing when the show first premiered on Netflix in 2020.

The fact that the contestants on the show cannot see each other at all while they are dating creates a true sense of tension and excitement. This is really what has made all three seasons of the show so popular with viewers.

Love Is Blind: Do Bartise and Nancy get married?

The most recent, third season of Love Is Blind was released on 19 October 2022. So far in this season, one couple in particular has captured viewers’ attention.

Bartise Bowden who is 27, and Nancy Rodriguez, who is 32, are just one of the couples that got engaged after they formed a deep connection in the pods.

However, what has made this couple stand out in this season is the fact that in the weeks following their engagement, where the couples who form on the show usually get to live their lives fairly normally as an excited newly-engaged pair, Bartise and Nancy have already had some issues in their relationship.

Despite this rocky start to their relationship, week three of the show and episodes eight through 10 of the season have focused on the couple planning their upcoming nuptials.

However, as all Love Is Blind fans will know, the pivotal point for the relationships on this show comes when both parties have to say “I do” at the altar.

This means that it is not yet clear whether Bartise and Nancy will actually end up getting married yet, as their wedding will only happen in episode 11, which premieres on Netflix on 9 November 2022.

However, many fans have speculated that clues in the various trailers that have promoted the show throughout this season indicate that Bartise and Nancy will not end up getting married, even though this has not yet been confirmed by the show.

Why did Bartise and Nancy have such a rocky start to their relationship?

Bartise and Nancy had a good enough connection in the pods for Bartise to propose, but when the couple had to meet and continue their relationship face-to-face, the initial excitement started wearing off.

There was an awkward encounter where Bartise was being grilled by Nancy’s brothers and his responses were just not what anyone expected.

To add to this, Bartise has also been very verbal about the fact that he does not find Nancy as physically attractive as he had hoped he would, and he even referred to another contestant on the show as being a “Smoke Show” in a direct conversation with Nancy.

Which clues have made people think that Bartise and Nancy will not be getting married?

The main reason why Love Is Blind fans think that Bartise and Nancy will not end up getting married is because of two snippets in some of the teaser trailers that have been released throughout the season.

In one instance, Nancy’s brother can be seen complaining that Bartise brought them all there for nothing, and in another scene, Nancy is seen being escorted back down the aisle by one of her bridesmaids, which is never a good indication.

How have fans reacted to the idea that the couple might not be getting married?

Since the rumours about these scenes in the trailers have spread on social media, fans have started weighing in on social media with their opinions regarding the fact that Bartise and Nancy may not be getting married.

Unfortunately, most fans seem to agree that this would be for the best, because of how poorly Bartise has treated  Nancy on the show so far.