Love Island: Are Deb and Jesse still together?

After they were coupled up in the very first episode of Love Island, Deb and Jesse are still together and have even shared a few dates and posts on social media.

Love Island is such a popular show because of the drama and intrigue that arises from the coupling and recoupling format of the show.

Deb and Jesse are one of the couples from the fourth season of the USA show that had an instant connection and evidently, this connection has lasted, because they are still together.

Why is Love Island so popular?

Love Island is an international show that has been popular with audiences across the globe for many years.

The American version of this dating reality television program first premiered on CBS on 9 July 2019. Since then, there have been three more seasons of the show in locations like Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Santa Barbara.

The appeal of Love Island lies in the fact that the show follows a sort of Big Brother format, but instead of individuals, there are several good-looking couples that re-couple often in order to stay in the running and to avoid being voted out by fans.

The challenges and games that the participants need to engage in throughout the show also adds another level of entertainment and drama and this is part of why viewers continue to come back to watch the show.

Love Island: Are Deb and Jesse still together?

Season four of Love Island started airing on July 19, 2022. This season of the show was the first to air on Peacock rather than the usual CBS, it had the first returning islander from a previous season, and it saw Sarah Hyland take over as the new host of the show.

Aside from these changes, the fourth season of the show still had many of the same elements that viewers love, like the typical inexperienced islanders, hot bombshells, and underdog storylines.

The underdog couple of this season, which definitely had fans of the show rooting for them to make it in the end, was Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray.

Although Deb and Jesse had instant chemistry on the show and they were coupled up from the first episode, in classic Love Island fashion, they had to face many ups and downs throughout the course of the season.

When the reunion episode of this season aired on 1 September 2022, Deb and Jesse were still blissfully in love even though their plans for the future were still up in the air.

Although Love Island couples are notorious for not making it once they leave the villa, Deb and Jesse have even had their first date and a few romantic dinners following the airing of this reunion episode.

From their interaction on social media, it is clear that they are still together, even though they are not living in the same city.

How do Deb and Jesse feel about beginning and ending the show together?

Although the show is inherently full of drama, Deb and Jesse have both been quite clear about the fact that they felt a true connection to each other ever since they were coupled up in the first episode.

Jesse even said in an interview after the release of the reunion episode that he felt like his relationship with Deb gave him a sense of comfort all throughout the show.

This sense of connection and chemistry that Deb and Jesse started and ended the show with is part of what made them such a fan-favourite couple on the show, and what  has fans of the show rooting for their relationship in real life after the show ended.

Deb and Jesse’s struggles throughout the show

Deb and Jesse were clearly attracted to each other from the first moments on the series, but even though this attraction has outlived the show, this does not mean that the couple did not have their fair share of ups and downs during their time in the villa.

They actually ended up spending most of the show apart from each other due to various issues like the Casa Amor recoupling, Jesse’s awkwardness in front of the cameras, and Deb’s initial refusal to commit to the “exclusive” label in their relationship.

Which other couples from season four are still together?

Love Island is notorious for its unstable couples, who often break up once the show is over just as easily as couples find each other and recouple when the show is filming.

Fortunately, season four’s top three couples are all still together months after the reunion episode aired. These couples are  Deb and Jesse obviously, but also Sydney and Isaiah, as well as Zeta and Timmy.