Love It or List It season 19 location

The location for season 19 of Love It or List It is still North Carolina, just like the previous seasons of the show which were filmed after 2014.

Love It or List It combines elements from  home-renovation and home-buying shows. It gives homeowners the choice between upgrading their current home and moving into a new one.

Love It or List It moved its location from Canada to North Carolina in the United States six years into the show, and continues to film there to this day, even for the most recent nineteenth season.

About Love It or List It

There are few things that are worse than feeling like you have outgrown a home in which you have invested a lot of time and effort.

However, what is sometimes even worse is determining whether it is better to invest even more into renovating your beloved family home, or simply start over. This is exactly the premise of HGTV’s Love It or List It.

The show’s expert designer, Hilary Farr, attempts to show struggling families the possibilities that they could have within their current homes, and real estate agent, David Visentin, shows them what is possible if they decide to pack up and move to an entirely new home.

In the end, it is up to each family to decide who had made the most enticing offer.

Love It or List It season 19 location

Love It or List It’s unique premise, along with the endearing personalities of the two expert hosts, have made the show a mainstay on HGTV’s renovation and home-buying lineup.

The very first episode if Love It or List it first aired back in 2008. Now over a decade later, the show has aired a total of 19 seasons.

Any show that has been on the air for so long is bound to undergo significant changes at one point or another (or several). For Love It or List It, one of these significant changes came in the form of a location change.

In fact, keen-eyed viewers who tuned in to watch the show from the start may have even noticed this location change in subsequent episodes.

The first few seasons of Love It or List It, which were filmed between 2008 and 2014, were filmed in Ontario, Canada, where the hosts, Hilary Farr and David Visentin, lived at the time.

But the filming and production of the show moved to North Carolina shortly thereafter, following its widespread success in the United States.

The show’s most recent, nineteenth season was also filmed in locations all around the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina.

Why did Love It or List It move locations?

The decision to move Love It or List It’s location from Canada to the United States was originally made because the show had become so popular in the United States.

Hence, the producers likely wanted to capitalize on this success as much as possible. Now (in 2023), almost a decade later, this change seems to have done exactly that.

It is usually incredibly rare for a show that has been on the air for as long as Love It or List It to still attract a significant amount of viewers, but Love It or List It is still a fan-favorite in this regard.

In fact, the show’s eighteenth season still managed garner about 25 million viewers.

Has Hilary Farr ever renovated houses elsewhere?

Hilary Farr’s signature direct style and classic design style has always been one of the main reasons why fans keep tuning in to watch new episodes of Love It or List It. Moreover, her designs are also well known outside of the show.

Hilary is a world-renowned designer and has designed and renovated homes in many places beyond Ontario and North Carolina.

This includes Australia, the United Kingdom, California, and New York, which is also the location of one of the headquarters of her design company, called Hilary Farr’s Designs.

Where are the hosts of the show from?

Long-time Love It or List It fans may have noticed that neither Hilary Farr nor David Visentin are from North Carolina where their show is filmed.

It is not difficult to deduce that Hilary grew up in England, based on her accent, but few fans know that she was actually born in Toronto before her family moved to London.

From there, Hilary has lived in various parts of the world, including Australia and several places in the United States, before she moved back to Canada.

David Visentin is also a Canada-native and he was born and raised in Ontario. Here, he worked alongside his father at Country Living Realty for the bigger part of his life.