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LUX SA introduces Botanicals range 

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LUX South Africa has announced the launch of its latest skincare offering, the LUX Botanicals range, which infuses floral scents through the use of natural ingredients.

LUX South Africa announced on Thursday, 17 September 2020, that it has launched the Botanicals range that comprises a variety of body washes. The post stated, “Enhance your everyday shower with the new LUX Botanicals. Together, these ingredients work in harmony to reveal healthy, beautiful skin, naturally.”

The skincare brand also explained that the new range was inspired by nature, with each unique body wash being infused with natural scents and ingredients.

The Botanicals range has four different body washes, with each one designed to have different functionalities. The Glowing Skin comes in a lotus and honey scent, while the Skin Rebalance comes with fig extract and germanium oil. The Skin Detox is made with freesia and tea tree oil, and the Skin Rejuvenate comes with honeysuckle and neroli oil.

See the post below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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