Magpie Murders anagram solution

The Magpie Murders anagram solution is finally revealed in the final episode of the first season, through Alan’s hatred for his character, Atticus Pünd.

The Magpie Murders show has been well-received by audiences because of its complex storyline and brilliant characters.

The complexities of the show really come into play in the final episode of the first season, when it is revealed that Alan Conway had hidden a secret anagram in the name of his famed character, Atticus Pünd, all along.

Is the Magpie Murders show as good as the book?

The new PBS series on Masterpiece Mystery aired on 10 February 2022 and it is based on the novel Magpie Murders written by Anthony Horowitz.

With the first season of the show now complete, many fans of the book and critics have weighed in to give their opinions about whether the show lived up to its best-selling counterpart.

Magpie Murders anagram solution
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For the most part, viewers have enjoyed the fact that there always seems to be another story within the story as the narrative unfolds.

To top this off, Conleth Hill, Lesley Manville, and Tim McMullan, who star in the series, manage to capture the perfect combination of dry humour and graveness to give the series the perfect tone throughout.

Magpie Murders anagram solution

This first season of Magpie Murders follows book editor, Susan Ryeland, as she investigates the death of her bestselling mystery author, Alan Conway.

She does this so that she and her boss, Charles Clover can get some answers and figure out the ending of the book that he was writing shortly before his death, which is missing its last chapter.

The story within a story aspect of the show comes in when Susan is investigating Alan’s death.

As she investigates his murder in real life, detective Pünd investigates Sir Magnus’s murder in the novel.

However, this is not where the inception-like qualities of the show end.

In the final episode of the first season of the show, which aired on 13 November 2022, Susan discovers, while she is looking at the publicity poster for the Atticus Pünd novels, that when combined, the first letters of the titles of each book in chronological order spell “AN ANAGRAM”.

However, she was not the first person to discover hidden messages in Alan’s last novel.

Charles had already discovered that Alan had been merging his hate for his famous character and his love for wordplay since the beginning of the series and that the name “Atticus Pünd” was actually a rude anagram for “A stupid …”, you can fill in the spaces for the rest of the solution.

It would ruin the character’s legacy and Clover’s reputation if fans of the novels were ever to figure it out.

What does Charles do when he figures out the “Atticus Pünd” anagram?

It is clear to Charles when he discovers Alan’s obscene hidden clue that if this were ever to get out, this final Atticus Pünd novel would ruin Clover’s reputation and tarnish all of the books in the series.

This would not only cut into Clover’s revenue, but it may also stop the merger, which would, in turn, cost Charles millions.

His next actions are easily the most violent scenes in the whole show, and they bring an interesting mix of horror, relief, and satisfaction to the audience when Susan is brutally attacked, but Alan’s killer is finally revealed.

Why would Alan hide such a rude message in his most famous character’s name?

The creator, writer, and executive producer of the show, Anthony Horowitz has been very transparent about the fact that he was inspired by other famous mystery writers, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Fleming, and Agatha Christie, who all seemingly deeply despise the characters that they had created.

Anthony wanted to make it clear that Alan felt like the Atticus Pünd novels were not his best work, even though they were what he was best known for, since he wanted to be a serious literary writer instead.

His resentment towards the character is what drove him to hide such a rude anagram in the name.

Why would Alan not just kill Atticus Pünd off?

Many fans of the novel and of the series have wondered why, if Alan did have such a deep hatred for the Atticus Pünd’s character, he did not just kill him off, instead of tainting the entire series with the rude anagram.

Fortunately, Anthony Horowitz has also explained that this was done deliberately by Alan, so that no one would ever want to read the novels again.

He did not just want Atticus Pünd to die, he wanted the whole series to be done away with