Makamu makes a return to Rea Tsotella

Moja Love marked the return of the embattled Bishop Israel Makamu in the latest episode of Rea Tsotella, with no word yet on the channel’s current stance on the controversy surrounding him.

Moja Love took to Instagram on Monday, 28 June 2021, to share the preview of the Monday edition of Rea Tsotella. The edition of the show focused on a man looking to apologise to his girlfriend’s family for his toxic and abusive behaviour, which was directed at not only to his partner, but also her family. Besides being repeatedly abusive to his girlfriend, the man once launched ammunition towards the girlfriend’s family in their home.

The fans of the show were fascinated with the storyline, however, the biggest surprise was the unexpected return of embattled religious leader, Bishop Israel Makamu. Makamu returned to the helm of the show after his almost month-long hiatus. The bishop has been facing his own legal battles, after he voluntarily stepped down from being a part of the Moja Love family.

In May 2021, a leaked audio of a man believed to be Bishop Makamu changed the trajectory of his public persona. The leaked audio was allegedly of the bishop propositioning a young female member of his congregation. In the audio, the man in question can be heard asking the young woman whether she would be willing to “give it to him.” Immediate responses to the leaked audio suggested that the man was propositioning the young woman for coitus.

In light of the audio, Moja Love released a statement noting that the bishop had voluntarily stepped down from his hosting duties on the channel. Moreover, “As a channel, we will be conducting an internal investigation before Bishop Makamu is reinstated back to the channel.”

Thereafter, the bishop was invited as a guest for a two-part interview on Moja Love’s Amabishop. During the special, he alleged that he was asking for the church keys from the young girl, a narrative that seemed to be supported by the all-male panel during the special. Now, it seems that Moja Love has concluded its internal investigation, as Makamu has been reinstated. This is despite the reportedly ongoing court case.

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