Making money on Snapchat Spotlight

How people are making money on Snapchat Spotlight, exploring what Snapchat Spotlight is and how it works in order for people to participate in the hopes of winning.


The world of social media has become one of the biggest money-making tools at our disposal. Being something that is consumed so much every minute of the day, social media platforms have found great ways to give back to their dedicated users who have significant social impact.

Making money on platforms such as Snapchat, specifically Snapchat Spotlight in this case, has become a means for people to create their content and get paid for doing it. This makes it so much more worthwhile for them to dedicate all their time to putting together awesome content for people’s entertainment.

Money on Snapchat Spotlight

Since social media platforms are all now coming up with innovative ways of making money from using their platforms and boosting their numbers, because of the influence users have in generating more users to join, they are always trying to compete in adding new features to their platforms. These innovative approaches make it more and more easy to give users the opportunity to make money from these new advancements in technology and the social media world. Snapchat has recently added its own new feature to the world of making money on social media. It is called Snapchat Spotlight.

Making money on Snapchat Spotlight  

As expected, the new Snapchat Spotlight Challenges feature is a tool that has been added onto Snapchat as a way of competing with its other social media competitors. In this case, the biggest competitor would be TikTok. This is because the new Spotlights feature shares the same idea as TikTok short form videos but is actually more of a challenge approach that allows users to participate in short from video challenges for the chance to win some money. In order to actually make money from using this feature, a Snapchat user will have to engage in and participate in trending Snapchat Spotlight Challenges. By creating the top-performing Snapchat Snaps from the challenges, Snapchat will reward you by giving you cash prizes for competing in the challenges and wining. These Spotlight Challenges are created using a variety of specific lenses, sounds and topics that are trending.

What are Snapchat Spotlight Challenges?

Snapchat Spotlight Challenges are somewhat almost the same as TikTok short form videos. The only difference is that Spotlight challenges do not need you to have a large following and lots of likes on a video to go viral. All users have to do is join in on challenges and create their own version of the challenge to enter it. It is much like when a dance challenge goes viral and everybody wants to create their own version of it in the hopes that it also goes viral.

How do Snapchat Spotlight Challenges work?

When you have opted to join a challenge on Spotlight, you will need to create your spotlight challenge to be eligible to enter. It is like creating TikToks, but for the chance to win some money if you have the best challenge and create the best video to a specific challenge. Basically, users enter Spotlight Challenges to win. Each and every Spotlight Challenge video is compared and Snapchat will look at the top 50 most eligible, relevant and highest viewed challenge entries to determine which one is the winner. Winners are then paid through various cash prizes.

How to make money on Snapchat Spotlight?

In order to make money on Snapchat Spotlight, users will have to participate in the different challenges that will trend in an effort to go viral and in the process win themselves some money. Different challenges will offer certain amounts of money for winners. The total prize money will range from $1 000 to $ 25 000, which will be dependent on the challenge. Some challenges will sometimes offer up larger sums of prize money for winners but ultimately, you compete by submitting a challenge video in the hopes that you will win cash.


So, social media platforms are definitely all fighting to keep users as active as possible through offering up different avenues of making money, from engaging and being active users. Almost every social media platform has come up with different ways to get their users to stay to make money.

Snapchat has followed suit by providing users with a chance to compete to go viral by posting Snapchat Spotlight Challenge videos, hoping to win large sums of money if they create the best video. This is how people are making money from Snapchat Spotlight and being creative.