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Makoti Teasers: 25 – 29 May 2020

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Makoti: Season finale ends on a high for the family

Here are the highlights for the upcoming 25 – 29 May 2020 episodes for the popular South African soap drama, Makoti.

Makoti airs on SABC 1 from Monday to Friday at 20:30.

Monday 25 May 2020

Catching Feelings

Now that Jessica and Mo have had sex, they try by all their means to not catch feelings. Mo fights with his Mom who wants him to come home to take his rightful place as prince, but he takes his frustrations out on Jessica and pushes her away.

Lawrence is not getting any better, but refuses to do blood tests. Zandile secures Bishop Somo Msiza and Andiswa for the revival, much to Noncedo’s chagrin.

Tuesday 26 May 2020


Lilitha goes to KZN to be with Mthoko, Lawrence and Judith; but Judith continues to make her do all the heavy tasks.

Lawrence, worried about his test results, goes to see his healer who has bad news for him. When Zandile’s plan to get Bishop Somo Msiza and Andiswa to the first night of the revival falls through, Siyabonga blames her and they get into a huge fight.

Jessica catches Mo having sex with Liz.

Wednesday 27 May 2020


Mo has a big surprise waiting for him at his apartment. Noncedo has her claws on Siya, at Zandile’s displeasure.

Mthoko and Lilitha fight about his Mom’s influence over him, but she soon realizes she went too far.

Lawrence believes he has prostate cancer but doesn’t tell Judith. Zandile tries her best to make things right with Siya but is rewarded with a nasty discovery.

Thursday 28 May 2020

Shots Fired

Mthoko secretly plans a life in KZN, and Lilitha puts in an offer for a house without Mthoko’s knowledge.

Zandile is still reeling from the discovery of Siyabonga and Noncedo “emotional cheating” over text messages.

Mo moves into Jessica’s place and they start to get cozy with each other.

Friday 29 May 2020

Love Has No Rules

Jesica starts to get frustrated with Mo’s immaturity. Lilitha gets no sympathy form Zandi and Noma but she makes a decision to mend things with Mthoko.

Mo realises he has some serious competition. A fed-up Zandile confronts Noncedo. Judith confronts Lawrence on her suspicions that he’s gone back to drinking.


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