MaMlambo from Uzalo

Uzalo character, MaMlambo, is played by Gugu Gumede, who is widely known for her portrayal of the ethically questionable middle-aged woman on the popular SABC 1 telenovela.

Uzalo’s integral character, MaMlambo, is played by South African actress, Gugu Gumede, who has featured in many of the telenovela’s most riveting storylines. MaMlambo was introduced to the viewers in season one as a practicing sangoma. The character’s name is believed to be reference to Zulu mythology, particularly the goddess of rivers who is often described as a snake-like creature, which is how she has been described by the other characters.

MaMlambo unexpectedly formed a romantic relationship with KwaMashu’s kingpin, Nkunzi Mhlongo, who welcomed her into his polygamous marriage. Her marriage to Nkunzi came with drama from her husband’s other wives, MaNgcobo and Gabisile, who were unhappy with the fact that she was now part of the Mhlongo household. MaMlambo and Nkunzi’s relationship did not last long, as she soon fell in love with her husband’s brother, Qhabanga, who also happened to be the pastor at the local church. Her relationship with Qhabanga unleashed Nkunzi’s fury against his brother, resulting in him threatening to kill the both of them.

The tumultuous relationships between MaMlambo and her partners have formed part of many of the main storylines of the show, resulting in viewers being divided on their perception of her. In season six, the character remains single, destitute and in pursuit of money and financial stability.

Viewers of Uzalo have also consistently questioned Gugu’s real age, due to the mature character she portrays. Born on 10 December 1992, Gugu is currently 27 years old, which is a surprising revelation for many. With MaMlambo being romantically linked to Nkunzi and Qhabanga, and with both men being in their fifties, viewers are often under the impression that she is in the same age group as the men and their other wives.