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Maps Maponyane and Pamela Mtanga confirm “relationship” was purely a marketing strategy

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Maps Maponyane and Pamela Mtanga confirm “relationship” was purely a marketing strategy

Social media’s couple, Mr and Mrs Buns, have confirmed that there was never any romantic involvement between them and the “Mr and Mrs Buns” campaign was purely promotional.

Maps Maponyane and Pamela Mtanga took to social media to confirm that their “relationship” as Mr and Mrs Buns was purely promotional. Maps, who is currently on the trophy tour with the winning South African Rugby team, Springboks, posted an image of him being arrested by a female officer and captioned the image, “Got arrested today. Damn, now I [have to] call my uncles to use my cows to bail me out.”

In the comments section, many of his followers called the media personality out for being unfaithful to Pamela Mtanga who is known on social media as Mrs Buns. One of the comments read, “A burger doesn’t have just a bun, you need fries, cheese etc. You see where this is going.” Another comment read, “Busy cheating on Mrs Buns. [No] Maps! And why are all your women so beautiful? [I don’t have a] chance.”

Soon after, Pamela confirmed that the Mr and Mrs Buns series was purely a marketing strategy, writing, “I’m constantly trying to find new ways to approach influencer marketing and your reception of the Mrs Buns alias has been amazing. I saw four articles, one job offer and my following increased. Thank you for bringing the campaign to life. PS: No shot was shot, it was purely marketing.”

Maps replied to Pamela’s thread, saying, “Shout out to you and thank you Pam! You definitely made this one pop off. It was a pleasure to be a part of it all and put some positive energy on the timelines. You made it all possible and easy.”

Taking to the comments section, their fans and supporters shared their thoughts on the end of Mr and Mrs Buns. One social media user wrote, “There’s no need to stop this marketing strategy. Why do [you want] stop it? It’s clearly working, the whole nation loves it. Look at this like a soapie; keep us entertained while the business benefits.”

Sabelo Makhubo
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